Flat vacuum

For all around the home. Compact your unworn clothing and spare bedding in a vacuum pack you can trust. With a water-tight seal and one way valve system, you can protect your possessions with confidence. Your belongings will return to their original shape once removed from the storage bag.

High volume

For big and bulky items. Ideally shaped, Packmate High Volume Vacuum Bags can be stored discreetly on top of, or inside your wardrobe. With a square base it is simple to stack your condensed items on their own or within a storage box.

Packmate Bags

Flat Bags

Flat Vacuum Storage Bags for all around the home

Packmate Flat Vacuum Storage Bags are the perfect solution to store all your out-of-season clothes, spare towels, extra bedding, curtains and even duvets. Packmate Flat Vacuum Storage Bags are air-tight and save you so much space, up to 75% compared to a standard storage solution.

The flat-pack bags are practical and offer an ideal answer to those who like to neatly organise their belongings. The bags can slide effortlessly under your bed and fit into standard size drawers, making light work of your packing.

The vacuum bags have a wide opening for easy filling, and will protect your possessions against dust, damp, and bugs. You can also store important files as the bags are water-tight, protecting your documents from environmental impact.

Travel with confidence, our bags are great for taking away with you. The flat storage bags can keep clean clothes separate in your case as they have an air-tight, waterproof seal.

Ideal for saving space at home too, find your perfect fit with a variety of sizes available. You’ll have a Hinch-worthy home with our compact, space-saving storage bags!

Our premium quality Flat Vacuum Storage Bags come in a variety of sizes for your storage needs. All sizes are in cm.

Jumbo: 90 x 110cm – Ideal for Queen or King size duvet

Extra Large: 70 x 105cm – Perfect for double bedding set

Large: 55 x 80cm – Fantastic for clothing and cushions

Medium: 45 x 60cm – Great for clothing and cushions

See why our customers love our storage solutions. We provide unrivalled quality that is manufactured to last. But don’t just take our word for it…

5 star rating By Anita
I’m moving home & have found these storage bags lifesaving. The amount of clothes I fit in was mind blowing and so quick and easy to use. I can’t believe how much space I have saved. I am going to continue to use them when I have unpacked for my bedding, towels and winter clothes.

5 star rating By Marian, London
I have purchased other makes before, but nothing as good as these Flat Storage by Packmate. I am now looking at the square storage type.

5 star rating By Ron Boardman
Only one word to describe this product BRILLIANT.

5 star rating By Lorna Kinmond Dickson
I have tried many different brands but they all start to fill with air. However, these ones are BRILLIANT. I am going to buy more.

5 star rating By Mrs Davies
I’ve never used the flat storage product before but it’s brilliant. I’ll buy more. Other companies products do not compare.

5 star rating By Mrs C Fisher
The Jumbo size bag is much better and easier to use than any of the bags I’ve used before. No struggle to fit the contents in , and sealing the bag was simple. Now I know that even the thickest quilt will pack down for storage with ease, I will be buying more. Thank you.

5 star rating By Brinley Brooks
We have a number of thee sacks and they are still keeping their vacuum after 3 years use. We recently purchased the roll bag and hope they too will give long service. The reason we purchased the roll bags is because the Store did not have the Vac bag in stock, we will keep in touch with the Store and buy them when they are available.

5 star rating By John Paterson
Excellent idea first time using this product, intend to purchase more thank you.

5 star rating By Janey Slader
Use these to enable us to get our kids to & from Uni otherwise not enough room in the car. Brilliant for all bedding, towels & all the clothes they have. A tip for others would be to put a note of what is inside the bag before you take the air out so that it enables you to find what is in which bag.

5 star rating By Claire Warren
I am extremely pleased with this product. I have purchased other similar products in the past which have kept ‘reinflating’ but these seem to stay put once vacuumed. We use for storing duvets etc at our caravan when they aren’t being used because of limited space. My only slight criticism would be that it was a little fiddly to work out the push in valve at first, the movement is very slight and so you are not sure you have done it correctly or if anything has happened but soon got the hang of it. Overall though a great product!

5 star rating By Sagar
That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

5 star rating By Carole Glynn
Absolutely fantastic, just taken 3 minutes to pack away thick winter double duvet. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

5 star rating By Ryan Sinclair
Absolutely brilliant and well worth the price given the warranty promise. So easy to use and well designed. They don’t look like your bog standard bags and as a student, the quality and capacity is equally important.

5 star rating By Mrs Julia Reeve
Bought this to put in my bedding to take on holiday in our caravan, its brilliant helps to keep bedding size at a minimum & clean & dry, very happy with my purchase.

5 star rating By Alison
I bought these and they were fantastic – I managed to store a king size duvet, double duvet, 4 pillows and s suitcase of clothes in the bags underneath a double bed instead of large boxes on top of the wardrobe. Absolutely fantastic.

5 star rating By Joanne Graham
Having purchased a large quantity of the old style vasusacs some 3 years ago I was frustrated at their inability to hold. The new bags with the Japanese valves are excellent. Out of a new batch of 24 only one has failed and a replacement was sent immediately from head office. They are definitely worth trying and they now do exactly what they are supposed to do. They work!

5 star rating By Marysia
Such a difference from the old vacuum bags. Well worth the money and have passed the product details onto all my friends.

High Volume

High Volume Vacuum Storage Bags

Packmate High Volume Storage Bags feature a square base and are ideal for storing inside or on top of a wardrobe as they won’t topple. They also fit perfectly into plastic storage containers, to keep all your compressed items neatly in one place.

The High Volume Vacuum Storage bags are perfect for packing away bedding sets and bulky clothes such as jumpers and coats. Items that are awkward to carry. For example, king-sized duvets can be modestly condensed to make moving them effortless.

Once sealed, your possessions are protected from moisture, odours, mould, and dust. This means you can be sure your belongings will remain pristine both for long and short-term storing.

Using our High Volume Storage Bags, you can store up to four times more by removing the excess air. To use, easily take away the air using your vacuum cleaner which will reduce your possessions to a fraction of their size.

Our High Volume Storage Bags come in a variety of sizes. Made from premium quality materials, you will receive a first-rate product that is reusable and developed to last. All sizes are in cm.

Jumbo: 90 x 110cm (22 x 22cm base) – Ideal for ski wear, bulky clothes, and bedding

Extra Large: 60 x 90 x 30cm (15 x 15cm base) – Perfect for Queen or King size bedding sets

Large: 50 x 85 x 25cm (12.5 x 12.5cm base) – Great for jumpers, outdoor wear, and baby clothes

It is no wonder Packmate is a market-leading brand as our products are high quality and are covered by a ‘no quibble’ guarantee. See what our customers have to say about our storage bags.

5 star rating By Tracy Headley
Purchased vacuum bags and under bed storage from QVC…they are fab, best purchase ever! Would like more – thank you x

5 star rating By M Cameron
Good strong storage bags. Easy to seal and the air does not escape like other bags I have used in the past. Will purchase more!

5 star rating By Margaret Hawthorne
I only recently purchased these vac bags but i have had other brands, found that these worked first time hopefully they will last over several years compared with other brands these feel much stronger and the seal is good too.

5 star rating By Marion Vesty
space saver! The idea of placing the product in a stackable box, fill, and then vacuum is fantastic. Just brill.

5 star rating By Sally Brown
I’ve just returned from a big international trip, different climate zones and different contexts. I packed separate types of clothes in different bags and only opened what I needed. Much less creasing than when I rummage through mixed items. No problems either when the inevitable shampoo bottle burst. I had no re-inflation problems. My husband now travels with a rucksack rather than a case for short trips with 3 shirts, pants and socks and they come out uncreased. I love them.

5 star rating By Sarah
Brilliant. Used to store double memory foam topper that o thought I would never get back in the bag and loft for storage. Off to buy more sizes tomorrow! Can’t believe I have not brought these before, Thanks!