Are Packmate bags reusable? How many times can I use them?

Yes, Packmate vacuum and roll bags are absolutely reusable, and if you take care of them they will withstand repeated use and last for many years, hence our lifetime guarantee.

What makes Packmate storage bags different to other brands?

Packmate is the UK’s leading brand of vacuum storage bags and we’re known for our quality and reliability. Our vacuum storage bags are made up of multi-layer material with a double-seal zip to ensure your bag is tough, durable and reusable with a positive closure every time.

Where can I buy Packmate bags?

You can buy directly from, find us on Amazon and we have a range of stockists both high street and online – please visit our stockist page to find the nearest to you or contact us ( if you’re not sure.

What’s the best way to use Packmate bags to prolong their life?

We recommend that you avoid ‘over-filling’ the bags, make sure to keep a couple of inches space between the contents and the zipper. You should also avoid storing heavy or sharp objects in the bags and they’re not suitable for food storage.

What kind of items can I store in the bags?

Our bags are commonly used for storing bedding, bulky clothing and soft toys but our customers also use them for anything from protecting documents, photos, craft materials/fabrics, knitting wool and yarns, baby clothes, toiletries, curtains, towels etc.

The bags are not intended for storing food items and we do not recommend this. When storing down filled bedding it is best not to fully compress the bag so as to avoid damaging the feathers or potentially puncturing the bag with the feathers. For the same reason we would advise not storing hard/sharp objects in the bags.

I’m not sure how to open the bags when I want to remove my belongings – any tips?

To open the bag, grasp the material either side of the seal end of the bag, just below the opening. Then gently prise open the seal (as you would a packet of crisps!). Don’t forget to immediately replace the white slider back onto the end of the bag if it becomes unattached, you don’t want to lose it.

I have lost my white slider off the end of the bag – can I replace it?

Yes, just visit: and we will send you a replacement/s. Please remember to always replace the slider on the end of your bag when you have either sealed or emptied it.

Is there a time limit to how long I can store things in the bag?

No there isn’t a time limit, however we recommend that you ‘fluff’ clothes and bedding up every six months and then put them back into the bags if you are storing long term. This will avoid wrinkles and help to keep the items fresh.

The Packmate Travel bags don’t have the same valve on them as the vacuum bags – are they faulty?

No, they aren’t faulty. The valve on the Travel bag is built into the seam along the end of the bag, unlike the visible plastic Q2 or Q3 valve on the vacuum bags. This allows air to be rolled out without the use of a vacuum which is very handy when travelling, camping or caravanning.

If you’re unable to roll out the air (due to arthritis for example) you can still use a vacuum by simply holding the nozzle just inside the opening of the bag before sliding it closed.

How can I get a replacement bag if there’s a fault with my bag?

In the unlikely event of one of your bags having a fault, please contact us on us at: giving us details of the fault. Details of the guarantee can be found on our website

Are you planning to supply larger bags than the jumbo size so I can fit even more bedding/clothing in?

Not currently. If the bags are too big they become very heavy when filled and this would make them difficult to manoeuvre or require two people to lift them which we feel would be limiting for our customers.

Do you supply Packmate bags outside of the UK?

Some of our online stockists will ship overseas. This could change so it is best to check on our stockist’s page.

I’m trying to register for the Packmate Guarantee online and am having difficulty. Where can I get help?

E-mail us on: and we’ll talk you through the online form.