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General advice

  • Avoid over-filling the bags. If you leave a couple of inches of space between the contents and the zipper, this will make the bag easier to close and seal.
  • Ideally you should fill and close the bag on a firm, flat surface. To close, hold down on the corner of the zipper and push the white slider across whilst maintaining pressure. Run the slider back and forth two or three times to make sure it’s completely sealed.
  • Our high volume bags have a gussetted bottom and are best filled in an upright position with the bag fully opened at the bottom.
  • Our high volume bags are designed to compress into a cube shape when the air is compressed. Gently press on the top and the sides of the bag when vacuuming out the air to help form the shape, or use a box to help. This will make it easier to stack with other bags.
  • Contact us immediately if the white slider becomes unattached for any reason – we will send you a free replacement.
  • To open the bag, grasp the material either side of the seal end of the bag and gently prise open.
  • Take care when removing bags from drawers or from under a bed as any sharp objects could catch on the bag.
  • When storing empty bags, try to store flat rather than folding the seal.
  • We recommend you remove clothing and bedding every six months to fluff before storing in the bags again – this will help avoid wrinkles and keep them fresh.

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