Packmate Guarantee

For your peace of mind, all Packmate products come with a Lifetime guarantee. You will need to register for this as soon as possible after purchasing. You will then receive a Packmate Promise Reference by email (for example A12345), please keep this safe in case you need it.

What’s covered

The Packmate guarantee covers your Packmate product against all manufacturing defects relating to:

  • The zipper
  • The vacuum valve (Flat, Volume, Tote, Hanging)
  • The roll valve (Travel)
  • Holes or tears in the bag present within the first 14 days after the product has been purchased

What’s not covered

Rips, tears or holes caused after 14 days from the date of purchase – that’s it!

How to claim

If you do have a problem with your Packmate bag, please email us at

Please include your name, address and ideally a contact number so we can get in touch, as well as details of your product and the problems you are experiencing

If you have you your Packmate Promise Reference please include that in your email or attach a copy of your proof of purchase.

Depending on your problem and how old the bag is, we will either send you a replacement or request that you return the product to us for testing – we will supply a Freepost label

Please allow up to 72hrs for a reply as we don’t work over the weekends.